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Carmel Family Law Attorney


About Carmel, Indiana

Carmel, Indiana is one of the fastest-growing communities in the country and, in 2012, was selected the Best Place to Life in the United States by CNN Money magazine.  In 2014, Carmel was ranked #3 as best place to live by Money Magazine.

The population in Carmel, Indiana was 85,927 in 2013, up from 37,733 in 2000.  In 2010, there were 28,997 Carmel households of which almost 42% had children under the age of 18.  Of those 28,997 households, 66.6% were married couples living together, with the remainder being made up of unmarried heads of household.

According to Wikipedia, the Meridian Street corridor in Carmel, Indiana is home to more than 40 corporate headquarters and the national headquarters for CNO Financial Group (formerly Conseco), MISO, Delta Faucet, Pearson Education (formerly MacMillan Publishing), as well as the headquarters of ITT Technical Institute.

As one of the most affluent communities in Indiana, Carmel offers outstanding public and private schools and activities that attract people from all over the state.  Some of those attractions include the following:

  • Rollfast Gran Fondo (a cycling event for professional and recreational riders)
  • Carmel Farmer’s Market
  • Carmel Monon Community Center (a $24.5 million water park and mega-fitness center that is the center piece of Carmel’s $55 million Central Park.
  • The Monon Trail (a walking and bicycle trail that runs from 10th near downtown Indianapolis through Broad Ripple and then into Carmel to 146th Street).
  • Carmel Arts & Design District (designed to promote small businesses and local artisans).
  • Carmel City Center (location of The Center for Performing Arts).

Romine Family Law – Your Carmel Family Law Attorney First Choice

Because Carmel households include so many children under the age of 18, and because 50% of all marriages end in divorce, Carmel families will benefit by learning about alternatives to a divorce process that pits children’s parents against each other.  Unfortunately, litigators frequently give their clients an unrealistic expectation that they will gain some advantage over the opposing party if they go to court.  Realistically, the only people who benefit when families are torn apart through litigation are the family law attorneys, custody evaluators and other expert “witnesses.” Unfortunately, the business of going to court has become just that – a very lucrative “business” that destroys families and strips them of their assets, their dignity, and their children’s one and only childhood.  Carmel’s residents now have alternatives to this centuries-old and destructive legal process.

One of the most important services Romine Family Law offers divorcing Carmel residents is a choice between various ways of resolving their differences without going to court.  Some alternatives require having an attorney for each party and one alternative requires the parties to hire one mediator instead of two different family law attorneys.

The first alternative, and the least expensive, is to hire one mediator instead of two family law attorneys.  That process is called Pro Se Divorce by Mediation.  In order to be most effective, this process requires an attorney to be trained in both family law mediation and family law collaboration.  With many years of experience in mediation and collaboration, Romine Family Law Owner and family law Attorney, Carol Romine, offers this new divorce option to Carmel residents.  However, Pro-Se Divorce by Mediation is not appropriate for parties who have engaged in physical or mental abuse, if either party believes the other would not be truthful during the process, or if either party has been diagnosed with a personality disorder.  In any of those circumstances, each party should be represented by an attorney and should consider the next alternative.

A Carmel Family Law Attorney You Can Trust! 

The second alternative, and the next least expensive, is to hire two collaboratively trained family law attorneys, one for each party.  The parties and their Carmel Family Law attorneys  formally commit to resolving their disagreements without going to court.  This process is called a Collaborative Divorce and frequently involves a team of neutral experts such as financial advisers or divorce coaches.  The team, then, works toward a common goal that benefits the entire family.  Carol Romine has been trained in collaborative law and offers this service to Carmel residents.

The third alternative, and the third least expensive, is to hire two attorneys, one for each party.  The Family Law attorneys negotiate with each other in an effort to stay out of court.  Carol Romine is a skilled negotiator and has successfully offered her negotiation skills to Carmel residents for over eighteen years.  That process is simply called negotiation.

The most expensive alternative is to hire two family law attorneys in the Carmel area, one for each party, both of whom make little or no effort to negotiate, collaborate or mediate before taking your case to court.  That process is called litigation.  Carol has many years of litigation experience and has seen the damage it causes.  She will take your case to court only when all other options have failed.

Carol offers free consultations and will schedule flexible appointments in order to accommodate your work schedule. Schedule your FREE consultation today.