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Prenuptial Agreements


Indianapolis Prenuptial Agreements Attorney and Mediator

Romine Family Law offers drafting and analysis services to those who desire a prenuptial agreement or have been presented with a prenuptial agreement by his or her loved one. In very few exceptions, a prenuptial agreement will be enforced by a divorce court regardless of how fair or unfair it might be at the time of the divorce. Therefore, it is imperative that both parties treat the agreement with the same formality and with the same protections they would have if they were negotiating their divorce.

Carol has extensive experience with prenuptial agreements. She will help the higher income party protect existing assets while assuring the lower income party will be protected in the event of a divorce. Similarly, she offers a detailed and written analysis for the lower income party to make sure they understand what legal rights they may be giving up, if any. Regardless of which party she represents, Carol will use her negotiating skills to obtain a fair and equitable prenuptual agreement.

Carol offers free consultations and will schedule flexible appointments in order to accommodate your work schedule. Schedule your FREE consultation today.  

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