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Noblesville, IN


Compassionate Family Law and Mediation Attorney in Noblesville Dedicated to Helping You Reach a Resolution of Your Legal Matter

Preserving Family Relationships through Mediation
Since 1996, Carol Romine has fought diligently to protect her clients’ interests. However, she quickly learned the limitations of the courtroom and the destruction that it can cause a family. Romine Divorce Mediation LLC helps families resolve their disputes while avoiding the courtroom. Through the use of alternative dispute resolution process of mediation, Carole Romine can assist in cutting costs, speeding up the resolution time, reducing the stress involved in a family dispute and opening communication between the parties. This method also avoids harmful conflict affecting the child in the marriage.

Located in the Commercial Noblesville Center
Near the heart of commercial Noblesville, Romine Divorce Mediation LLC is dedicated to helping couples through divorce resolve legal matters, such as the division of property, understanding the value of assets, child custody and spousal support. Local attractions near her office include the following:

  • Pizza King – At this pizzeria, customers have an option to take unbaked pizza home and bake it later. The establishment also sells wraps, sandwiches and subs.
  • Arbuckle’s Railroad Place – A railroad-themed store and attraction filled with authentic railroad memorabilia with plenty of local whimsey, this establishment is a tribute to the days of the railroad.
  • Jump N Play Noblesville – As the headquarters for children’s play and lively activities,this location boasts a wide array of toys, bouncy castles, and arcade games.
  • Nickel Plate Arts – This location is dedicated to art appreciation, creativity and innovation. Visitors can view artistic expressions, get involved in classes and learn about the art world.
  • Kiln Creations – This attraction helps children and adults create art through clay and kiln fired knickknacks. It also features a potter and painting studio.

Romine Divorce Mediation LLC is also near legal establishments, such as:

  • Hamilton County Courts – This is a local court in Noblesville where residents make payments for court judgments, have court hearings and provide witness testimony in a case.
  • Noblesville City Court – This local court provides options to pay bills for fines and violations, to view driving records and to learn about trials and city codes.
  • Hamilton County Highway Department – This go-to-site for Noblesville residents provides permits and sponsors programs. It also informs citizens about road closures.

How to Get to Romine Divorce Mediation LLC
Romine Divorce Mediation LLC is found at 11650 Lantern Rd #134, Fishers, IN 46038.
Through a short drive, you can get to the office via the following directions:

From Interstate 69

Head southwest on I-69 S
Take the exit toward E 116th St.
At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit onto the E 116th St. ramp
Use the middle lane to follow signs for 116th St.
Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto E 116th St.
Turn right onto Lantern Rd.
Turn right at Station St.

From E 116th St.

Head west on E 116th St. toward Cumberland Rd.
Turn right onto Lantern Rd.
Turn right at Station St.

From Lantern Rd.

Head north on Lantern Rd.
At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit onto E 106th St.
Use the right lane to take the ramp to E 116th St.
Follow signs for 116th St.
Turn left onto E 116th St.
Turn right onto Lantern Rd.
Turn right at Station St.

If you find it difficult to get to the office or you want to call to schedule an initial consultation, contact Romine Divorce Mediation LLC in Noblesville, Indiana at 317-576-8404.