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“With Attorney” Divorce


Avoid Court and Divorce With Dignity

Settle your case without going to court.

For those times when you NEED an attorney, Carol will help you settle your case through negotiation, mediation, or collaboration.

If you feel the need for an attorney rather than a mediator, Carol has a long history of settling cases and will offer her services to you as an attorney. She offers a free consultation to discuss the merits and likely costs associated with your circumstances.

Please be aware that once Carol consults with you as an attorney she will NOT be able to offer mediation services. Similarly, once she consults with you and the opposing party as a mediator, she will not be able to offer legal representation to either of you.

Pro-se-Mediation is NOT appropriate for couples:

a.  who have experienced physical abuse between them,

b.  where one of the parties believes the other would hide assets or otherwise not mediate in good faith, or

c.  when either of the parties has been diagnosed with a personality disorder.

Carol offers free consultations about the “attorney” or “no attorney” process and will schedule flexible appointments in order to accommodate your work schedule. Schedule your FREE consultation today.   (317) 576-8404