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5 Advantages of Hiring a Pro-Se Divorce Mediator

Hire a Pro-Se Divorce MediatorThe decision to divorce is already a difficult one for most individuals. Finding a skilled divorce mediator should not complicate matters further. Luckily, divorce mediators are available in all of Indiana’s 92 counties.

As a way to simplify matters and save you time and money, we have compiled a list of the five advantages of hiring a pro-se divorce mediator.

  • Firstly, hiring a pro-se divorce mediator means only hiring one mediator instead of two attorneys. Pro-se divorce is the perfect option for couples who would like to avoid the cost and stress of hiring two attorneys, but who still require help in ironing out the fine details of the divorce process.
  • Secondly, hiring a pro-se divorce mediator often results in a skilled and experienced 3 in 1 package. Hiring someone who is a skilled divorce mediator, trained parent facilitator, and trained and experienced negotiator dramatically simplifies matters.
  • Thirdly, hiring a pro-se divorce mediator introduces a neutral third party into the divorce process, which is often quite emotionally charged. This can help diffuse the situation and bring in a fresh perspective. A pro-se divorce mediator is a neutral third party who is knowledgeable about family law and family dynamics. They can help couples collaborate towards the common goal of obtaining a divorce without the necessity of hiring attorneys or going to court. Clients will also have access to other professionals for an additional fee. Many pro-se divorce mediators have teamed up with divorce coaches, such as psychologists and counselors, who can also help divorcing couples through their life-changing transition.
  • Fourthly, hiring a pro-se divorce mediator will help clients avoid “shark” attorneys. Similarly, to the terrifying ocean predator, shark attorneys are often antagonistic, combative, and costly. They also tend to work aggressively, preferring a lengthy court process to mediation and settlements. Hiring a shark attorney guarantees an unpleasant divorce process for all those involved, including children.

Finally, hiring a pro-se divorce mediator may help clients avoid court with dignity. Apart from the benefits from a financial standpoint, avoiding court is also beneficial for everyone involved, including the children. It is almost impossible to describe the stress and lifelong trauma that children go through when their parents are engaged in a lengthy and terrifying court battle. Besides, the court process is also stressful for both parties.

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