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5 Advantages of Hiring a Pro-Se Divorce Mediator

The decision to divorce is already a difficult one for most individuals. Finding a skilled divorce mediator should not complicate matters further. Luckily, divorce mediators are available in all of Indiana’s 92 counties. As a way to simplify matters and save you time and money, we have compiled a list of the five advantages of Read More

How NOT to Lose Your Grandchildren When Your Child’s Marriage Ends

GRANDPARENTS – STILL IN THE PICTURE WHEN MARRIAGE ENDS? One of the most rewarding relationships most people will ever experience is the one between a grandparent and a child. It is very special and no child should be deprived of the benefits that come from spending time with a loving grandparent. Nor should any child Read More

I’m the Custodial Parent – Can my Ex-Spouse Prevent Me from Moving?

No. You (the “Relocating Party “) are free to move anywhere you want. However, if your ex (or any other individual with court-ordered custody or visitation rights) (the “Non-relocating Party”) objects to the children’s relocation, you will need the Court’s approval to take the children with you. The Relocation Statute Pursuant to Indiana Code 31-17-2.2, Read More

Will I Lose my 401(K) if I Divorce My Spouse?

“Will I lose my 401(k) if I divorce my spouse?” This is the most common question divorce lawyers hear once the child-related questions are answered. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. In a nutshell – the value of the 401(k) will be considered in a final division of the marital estate regardless of who actually Read More

Stay At Home Parents

Stay At Home Parents (and their children) are at risk of living in poverty in the event of divorce! Parents make difficult choices when they decide to have a family! Most difficult among those choices is whether the child will benefit more: a) by having a stay-at-home parent and less family income or b) by Read More

Pro-Se Divorce With or Without a Family Law Mediator

The term “pro-se” refers to a person who is not represented by an attorney in a legal matter.  A Pro-Se Divorce is one in which the parties obtain a divorce without either party having an attorney.  You can obtain a Pro-Se divorce by yourself or with the help of a mediator. Obtaining a divorce by Read More