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Family Law Testimonials


Top Mediator/Arbitrator in Indianapolis

  • D.C.

    Mar 19 2019 Carol did a great job mediating our divorce. I highly recommend her services.

  • CMC

    Mar 07 2019 Highly recommended


    Jan 05 2019 great easy service


    Dec 06 2018 All went well, good advice, fast, easy, affordable


    Sep 14 2018 You helped guide us through a difficult process. You were clear on the law and obligations that we both needed to adhere to.

  • AMY

    Apr 17 2018 Carol Romine understood my situation was not only emotional, but taking a toll on my family. She was able to handle my case efficiently with a fair outcome for everyone.


    Dec 08 2017 The whole process was handled in a most professional and sensitive manner, while assuring that all the needed actions were taken in fairness to both parties.

  • KB

    Nov 08 2017 Carol was very professional and was very knowledgeable about her profession. She had answers for all of my questions and made sure I understood everything. Carol was always available when I needed her and was so helpful. I would definitely recommend her to others.

  • JMR

    Oct 10 2017 Very good


    Oct 09 2017 Ms. Romine represented me in a step parent adoption. She was very attentive to our needs and helped us through each step of the process. Thanks!

  • AMY

    Oct 09 2017 Carol was just lovely. She helped me to arrive at a fair and sensible agreement. I was confident with my decision when it came time for signatures. Thank you.


    Oct 09 2017 Carol is one of the top attorneys featured on our site We highly recommend her services.


    Apr 08 2019 Carol has created a unique process for helping couple Divorce with Dignity. She teaches her couples how to be more kind to one another for the sake of their children. The couples learn how to work together and create a less adversarial situation for their family as it goes through the difficult changes a divorce creates within a family.


    Mar 08 2019 Carole was professional n knowledgeable. The divorce process went smoothly. I highly recommend her.

  • Amy

    December 11, 2014 Carol Romine handled our Modification. My Ex-and I, not knowing what to expect, were prepared to bicker. Ms. Romine made sure we both knew our emotions wouldn’t change the law and she processed our case swiftly and economically.

  • Carolyn

    December 11, 2014 Carol was very supportive. She has a very calm manner which is wonderful when you are dealing with such a stressful event. Her calm manner and insights allowed me to be more objective versus reactive. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

  • Casey

    December 4, 2014 Carol is an excellent. She is practical in her approach of handling the objective of going through the process of divorce without losing sight of what her clients objectives are. She is very practical and has helped me personally on occasions where her services were needed during a weekend or after normal business hours. Carol is very knowledgeable and takes a personal interest in clients.

  • KR

    June 2, 2014 We had a wonderful experience using Carol Romine for our divorce. From the first phone consult I had with her, I knew that we’d be in good hands. Keeping our divorce from getting contentious and making sure that our children were the first priority was very important to us, and those things were important to her as well. I never imagined I would laugh while going through a divorce, but she allowed us to keep things light and simple. She was always very quick to return emails, and it was very easy to schedule meetings for her. And best of all, we saved money using the mediation process rather than two attorneys. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!

  • Jerilyn

    May 26, 2014 The first time I met Carol I knew she was the attorney for me. She had my best interest in mind even when I didn’t know exactly what that was. There were time we didn’t see eye to eye but looking back now I thank her every day for the fantastic job she did for me. She’s a real champion to have on your side. Thanks Carol!!!!!!

  • Nick

    May 23, 2014 Attorney Romine is very knowledgeable in family law. She handled every aspect of my case. My daughter went to see her mother in another state and did not return from her vacation. Attorney Romine quickly proceeded with current actions within Indiana, Hamilton County court and worked well with the Attorney in Colorado. The joint venture was handled quickly and ended with more defined rulings to support my custody. The receipts were easy to read and accurate and she charges a fair price. I would definitely recommend Attorney Romine for family law.

  • Anonymous

    February 3, 2013 Ms. Romine represented my daughter in a step-parent adoption. My grandchild’s biological father gave her up for adoption when my daughter married. Her new husband had been there helping to raise my grandchild since she was a year old. He was already her “daddy”. Mrs. Romine helped him to become her legal father also.
    Ms. Romine has represented our family in several types of cases over the years. We have had nothing but great success with every case. We have used Ms. Romine for uncontested adoptions, custody battles, child support issues, and general legal advice. We didn’t always like what she had to tell us, but we always trusted her to do what was in our best interest. In the end, we are so glad that we listened to her advice.

  • Elly

    February 3, 2013 I had three adult children and didn’t know if I was ready to start with number four at only 5 years old. But this child won my heart and I knew he was to be a part of my spirit. Carol helped us understand what was necessary to go though with the adoption of my step-son. My son’s biological mother was killed when he was only four years old. His father and I were married when he was five. Last year we were able to complete the adoption process and he adopted me! There weren’t many dry eyes in the courtroom; it was as if I had given birth to my fourth child. Carol kept us informed every step of the way letting us know about deadlines well in advance. She made this day one we will never forget. She even took time out of her day to go to breakfast with our new family after the hearing. I can’t say enough good things about Carol.

  • Child Custody Client

    February 3, 2013 Carol helped me get custody of my newborn the week she left the hospital. My child was born 10 weeks early and I spent every day at the hospital looking at her through glass (because her mother wanted her new boyfriend to be the father). The mother even lied on an affidavit in an attempt to keep me from being with my daughter. But I didn’t give up, and neither did Carol. Eventually I was able to be in the intensive care unit to hold and feed my 2lb 6oz baby girl. And finally, the day after she was released from the hospital, we went to court. My baby girl went home with me that day because Carol was willing to do the research that another attorney wasn’t willing to do. Another attorney had told me, “just wait until the baby was released and then we would fight for custody”. I was not willing to wait until the baby was released from the hospital to fight for her right to bond with her father. And I didn’t want to lose those precious moments of bonding with my newborn. Because of Carol’s dedication and research, I was given that opportunity; one that could never be gotten back once lost. In the court room, Carol was fair. I had a great deal of compassion for my ex and didn’t want her to be “destroyed” in court. Carol understood my desire to be fair and she respected my wishes. She stated the facts and presented the evidence while showing respect for my ex. Would I recommend Carol for your custody case? Absolutely!

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