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Noblesville Family Law Attorney


About Noblesville, Indiana

Noblesville, Indiana is located in the county seat of Hamilton County, Indiana, and is part of Delaware, Fall Creek, Noblesville, and Wayne Townships.  It had a population of over 50,000 in 2010, at which time it was the 14th largest city in the state of Indiana.  The population in Noblesville continues to burgeon as new housing developments spring up where corn fields used to grow.  Hamilton Town Center on the East side of Noblesville is attracting more and more new businesses to its location and their employees are becoming new Noblesville residents.

Some of the notable places to visit in Noblesville include the following:

  • Klipsch Music Center
  • Indiana Transportation Museum
  • Morse Park and Beach
  • 7 public and private golf courses
  • Forest Park
  • Dr. Jam
  • Hamilton County Artist Association Birdie Gallery
  • White River Canoe Company

According to the last census, 58.3 of Noblesville households were married couples living together and over 43% of Noblesville households include children under the age of 18.  With a national divorce rate of almost 50%, the residents of Noblesville have much to gain by learning about alternatives to the adversarial process that pits children’s parents against each other. 

Indiana Divorce Mediation LLC has two mottos:

Avoid Court – Divorce With Dignity, and

Hire One Mediator Instead of Two Attorneys

A Noblesville Divorce Mediator You Can Rely On!

One of the most damaging issues that occurs between divorcing couples in Noblesville, Indiana, and one that will permanently deprive Noblesville children of their one and only childhood, is when parties decide to fight about custody.  Frequently, this fight takes place between two perfectly good parents who could never have “lost” custody but for the divorce.  Given that the right to parent one’s child is granted to individuals by the United States Constitution, it should be a matter of concern for Noblesville residents that a state court can remove a parent’s custodial rights a) without evidence that a child is in danger of physical or mental harm, b) without a jury of peers, and c) without providing an attorney to parties who cannot afford one.  Absent clear evidence that a child is in danger of physical or mental harm, parents should give very careful consideration to any suggestion that a custody fight would be in his or her child’s best interests. Indiana Divorce Mediation LLC will help you explore other options.

Advice from a Noblesville Family Law Attorney

There are two kinds of custody – legal, which refers to decision-making, and physical, which refers to the place of residence.  Frequently, parties don’t object to sharing the task of decision-making.  Consequently, joint legal custody is frequently awarded without a fight.  More often, the issue of physical custody is about how much time the children will spend with each parent and the sure knowledge that there will be a “winner” and a “loser” when the parties go to court.  Unfortunately, the loser in such case is always the child.  And because children are generally aware that both parents are “good” parents, they may hold it against the so-called “winning” parent when they perceive an injustice has occurred.

Family Law Attorney with Divorce Mediator

When clients express concern about custody but no allegation of harm is made, Carol who will help the concerned parents understand the value of having two parents in their children’s lives and the benefit of having time to develop their career opportunities.  She helps them plot out a calendar that reflects the parents’ work and social calendars.  Carol finds that it helps to eliminate use of the word “custody” and simply talk about a parenting plan.

Once she plots out the Noblesville parties’ calendars, an obvious parenting plan will frequently present itself.  If the child is really lucky, mom and dad will work opposite shifts and the parenting plan continues as it always has. That rarely happens, though.   When both parties work the same shift, the parties need to look at their other activities to determine what parenting plan will work.  For instance, if mom’s bowling team meets on Wednesday nights and dad has always coached the children’s soccer team on Wednesday evening, that would be an obvious time for the children to be with dad.  It takes nothing away from mom.  And if dad’s night out has always been on Fridays, it makes sense for the children to be with mom on Fridays.  And so on.  Carol finds that once the parties move away from the word “custody,” they are prepared to start talking about a parenting plan that works for them and their children.

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