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Learn How to Preserve Your Child’s One and Only Childhood

It is impossible to describe the fear and pain a child goes through when the two people he or she loves most in the world are fighting with each other.  And – it is virtually impossible to maintain a respectful co-parenting relationship once parents choose to go down the adversarial path of litigation.  You can prevent this from happening to YOUR children. 

The videos below were very generously provided by Charlie and Barb Asher, the developers of a family foundation dedicated to the well-being of children whose parents are divorced or divorcing.  They will give you some insight about how you might proceed in divorce or post-divorce matters while protecting your children from the things they fear the most.

For more information about this very important work, visit the following websites: intended for divorced or divorcing parents. intended for never-married parents. intended for parents who are contemplating separation but prefer to save their marriage.

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How Do Divorce Lawyers Divorce?

Rely on Your Legal Rights—or Should You?

While the mediator cannot give the parties legal advice, he or she can tell the parties what the law SAYS.  In order to expedite that process, Carol offers her E-book “What You Need to Know Before You Hire A Shark – Indiana Divorce Law 101” as a family law primer.  Once your read this book, you will know more about family law in Indiana than you ever knew you didn’t know.

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