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Romine Family Law Services helps individuals avoid court and divorce with dignity through Collaborative Representation and Pro Se Mediation.

  • Registered Family Law Mediator
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How NOT to Lose Your Grandchildren When Your Child’s Marriage Ends

Even in the best of circumstances, disputes can arise between parents and grandparents. Those disputes are likely to escalate when parents divorce. Or they may develop for the first time if grandparents take sides against one of the parents. Learn the circumstances that might cause a parent to decide that grandparent visitation is not in the child’s best interests and the things grandparents can do to avoid parent/grandparent conflicts.   It is important to use a family lawyer in Noblesville Indiana and Fishers Indiana to assist with these disputes and receive the proper advice.

Will I lose my 401(k) if I divorce my spouse?

“Will I lose my 401(k) if I divorce my spouse?”  This is the most common question divorce lawyers hear once the child-related questions are answered.  Unfortunately, there is no simple answer.  In a nutshell – the value of the 401(k) will be considered in a final division of the marital estate regardless of who actually receives it in the end.


No. You (the “Relocating Party “) are free to move anywhere you want. However, if your ex (or any other individual with court-ordered custody or visitation rights) (the “Non-relocating Party”) objects to the children’s relocation, you will need the Court’s approval to take the children with you.

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